24 April 2009

Late night thoughts

My posts keep getting later and later...

I guess that maybe now would be an appropriate time to explain my sleeping habits: firstly, let it be known that I LIKE SLEEP. I would not go so far as to say that I am in love with sleep, as it sometimes has negative effects on my work habits, but I may be involved in a love affair with it, staying with it as late as possible - I'll give you that. However, over the years and especially the past few months here at college, I've discovered that I really just am a night owl. No matter how hard I try, productivity and concentration are very difficult tasks for me during daylight hours, especially when I am left to my own devices and self-discipline - or lack thereof. So, I figure, why not sleep late, take naps, and stay up until all hours? I am currently testing this hypothesis. Results have been positive and conclusive thus far. I will keep you updated, for sure - we'll have to examine how this theory works with a full-time, paying job in the summer and early morning classes in the fall. =P

I really do not have a lot to say in this post; I have some news and updates, though. Is that even intersting to you? Oh, well. Quickly:

1.) I went home for a funeral last week of a high school friend. Prepare for more, longer, and hopefully better-articulated thoughts to come on this.
2.) As you may have gathered, I found a job for this summer! I will be a Counselor with Bridges to a Brighter Future, a college entrance program at my university for economically disadvantaged youth. I will be employed for one week of training followed by four weeks of service in June and July. Initially, I was a bit hesitant, despite the rave reviews that I had heard from previous participants who now go here, but after a sort of orientation session last week, I am SO EXCITED! Perks include: working with amazing people. Additional perks include: stipend, free housing, sea kayaking, half of the summer off, etc. I assure you that you will hear more about this in the future.

And now, for a little segment that I like to call "Frequently Asked Questions" - known more commonly as "Questions that have probably never been posed to me in my life, but that came to mind; therefore, I felt obliged to answer":

Favorite punctuation mark? This is a tie between the semicolon and the dash; I feel that both have very unique and legitimate uses - I probably use the dash slightly more often, though; it may, in fact, be more versatile, while the semicolon is just the cool, glasses-wearing, Mac-using uncle of the comma, of which I'm also a huge fan.
Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot in your mouth? Why, yes - yes, I can. Thank you for asking.
What does your desk look like? Currently? It's rather messy. In fact, here:

However, I rarely ever let it get this way; I just brought in a lot of stuff today from the DH and UC in between classes and such. Usually, it looks a lot like this:
So, I just cleaned it. bwahaha