04 April 2011

Recent Goings-on

I have been neglecting my reflection time in the past few weeks! Not only am I obviously behind on blog entries, but I am waaay behind in my daily work journals, as well. It seems as if these past few weeks have jumped into hyper-speed, and the end of my time here in Edinburgh looms closer and closer...and is coming at me faster by the minute! I only have four more days left at my internship; one of my classes is completely finished, and another has just one more meeting before I'm through. I've already had to start thinking about packing up and moving out.

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL lately - unfortunately, all of this extended sunlight and increased heat is coming just as I'm shipping out, it seems. However, the nicer temperatures and skies have allowed for quite a few nice walks lately. (And, of course, as a result, less time on my computer, and therefore, less blogs.)

SO, I have been very busy writing final papers and evaluations and such lately - and I have an oral presentation on my internship to do in class tomorrow night! I apologize once again for not blogging more often. Rest assured, though, that I have lots and lots of notes and ideas in my head; I will be working diligently to chronicle all of my adventures. :)