10 October 2009

Hong Kong, Vol. II: Ronnie & co.

My first priority when we arrived in Hong Kong was to get to the tourism information board office, which had been recommended by every website or book that I had read prior to our trip. Of course, it was not open when we arrived in the city late at night, and the next day, we got easily sidetracked. When we finally made it, though, it turned out to be just as beneficial as I’d hoped.

The four of us took enough pamphlets to plan a month’s worth of travel to squeeze into the four or so days that we had left. We got maps, schedules, and coupons. And when we happened to ask a worker a few questions (What’s the best way to get to Macau? Is there a China Construction bank here?), we were met with friendliness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm from an older Chinese man who told us that he had studied in Texas. His name was Ronnie, and he was our new best friend! He diagrammed things on our maps, gave us recommendations, and even let us take pictures with him.

We finally departed and decided to go back and rest in our hostel for a bit after exploring the nearby mall first. At this point, we commenced studying our booklets and planning the next few days of our trip. We then went back out, we wandered the nearby streets and ended up finding a BEN & JERRY’S, from which I purchased the most delicious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that I have ever tasted...mmm. Coconut Seven Layer Bar FTW! Or perhaps it was just so good due to a combination of my hunger and lack of Ben & Jerry’s over here. Hmm...whatever the reason, it was good. At any rate, Karim didn’t get ice cream, so he lured us into a McDonald’s, of all places, where we all ordered and sat for a good hour or so before returning to our room around 1 or 2 a.m.

That was one of my favorite things about Hong Kong: it truly is a city that never sleeps. No matter what time of night, you could find food, people, and transportation. That’s my kind of lifestyle! Now, if only I could convince the world to run on MY schedule and ban colleges from having class before noon...:)

Oh, and before I forget: we did try to go back a couple of times after that day and see Ronnie and thank him again, but each time, he was nowhere to be found. Sad day. But at least we have our picture!

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