09 November 2009

The Quest for Calcium

SUCCESS!!! I finally found milk that I find to be quite tasty! (Truth be told, I’m not sure that it is so delicious, as I hypothesize that I very possibly have forgotten by now, after a few months of milk withdrawal, what the milk that I used to love so dearly even tastes like; I fear that I now am open to anything. I suppose that we shall have to reevaluate upon my return to the States - which, by the way, is quickly approaching!)

Anyway, on an everyday trip to Auchan the other day to restock my foodstuffs after a 10-day absence from my dorm due to travel study, I decided to continue my Quest for Calcium. Since cataloging my first efforts at said goal, I have been, of course, consuming plenty of ice cream, and I have also even branched out and bought odd-tasting Chinese yogurt and expensive imported cheese to fulfill my body’s mineral needs. However, on this particular day, I was ready to go at it again and drink some potentially foul-tasting milk. I decided to try a red carton this time, labeled “CHINESECHINESE90%CHINESECHINESEFRESHMILKSKIMMED.” I figured that, since I am used to skim or 1% milk back in the United States, maybe this English/Chinese carton was code for “the milk that you used to drink back home, Emily.”

I brought home the milk and was not game to try it that day. When I felt ready, though (only a day or so later, because milk does not stay good nearly as long here as it does back home, for some reason), I poured it over some Multi-Grain Cheerios (with Chinese characteristics) and skeptically took a bite. I waited...chewed...no gross reaction! It was pure bliss due to the fact that I simply couldn’t detect a cheesy taste! I was FINALLY drinking MILK!!!

I have since consumed two full cartons of said milk with oatmeal, various cereals, and on its own, and am planning another Auchan outing to buy more. My only disappointment is that it has taken me so long to find it. Ah, such is life.


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  1. Emily,
    I totally agree with your "guest for calcium"!! After visiting China for two weeks this summer with your mother's friend, Bonnie, I found myself CRAVING a tall glass of milk and a big hunk of cheese! I think my cholesterol level jumped 30 points when I got back to the US because I ate enough milk, cheese, and ice cream for a family of four!! Sounds like you're having the time of your life!! I really enjoy reading your blog! Yvonne