23 May 2010

Just sittin' on the dock of the Bay...

...well, not yet. But Mumbi and I have a city excursion planned tomorrow that should include Fisherman's Wharf. So...does a pier count?

We have been taking it easy today, resting up from a full week and getting ready for an agenda tomorrow that includes a "celebration" at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, Heart of the City Farmer's Market, sea lions at Pier 39, the Ghirardelli factory at Fisherman's Wharf, Jack Kerouac Alley and City Lights Bookstore, and Chinatown. Phew! Check back with me later to see how much of that we actually cram in.

Since my last entry, I've spent a lot more time at Stanford. Thursday was another busy workday with the King Papers Project on which I edited that same darn stack of 3 months worth of 1961 papers that I have yet to finish and "researched" bios and death dates and such for people mentioned in the papers. At lunch, I ate the food that I had packed, but I supplemented it with frozen yogurt form Fraiche, which was a fabulous decision. I got pomegranate-flavored yogurt with organic brownie pieces, homemade mochi, and agave nectar - mmm! And in the afternoon, since it was our last day, around 3:15, we screened an as-of-yet unreleased documentary on the effect that music had on the Civil Rights Movement. It was wonderful! If I were a teacher, I would show it in my classroom.

Friday, we went back to Stanford, but not to work. We had been invited to attend the "Globalizing Black History: Intellectuals, Politics, and New Approaches to Transnationalism" conference. We all went to the morning session and then decided to go to downtown for lunch to The Creamery, which has legendary milkshakes. (I got Peanut Butter Cup.) That afternoon, though I had sincerely enjoyed the talks in the morning, since the conference was optional and I hadn't read the book that they were discussing, I decided to take some more time to explore campus, since I was only to be back one more day (this coming Friday). I mailed some postcards, viewed the gorgeous chapel, and wandered around, connecting familiar areas to each other via sidewalks that I hadn't noticed before. Then, Mumbi and I met up and took the CalTrain back to our hotel, where I cooked both sweet and savory sweet potato fries for us both and made a 2-egg spinach, cheese, and sundried tomato omelet with pico on top for myself. (Yeah, I was pretty impressed, too.)

It's now time for bed, seeing as how I'm going to have to wake up to make the commute to church in the morning. Be on the lookout for a more reflective, intellectual entry coming soon!

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