22 March 2011

Glossary, Vol. IV

Again, I've only recently discovered some of these terms, but a lot of them are words that I've gotten used to hearing and just forgotten to post. Still, it amazes me that, nearly three months in to my trip, I can still be learning new words IN THE (SUPPOSEDLY) SAME LANGUAGE. What's that saying? "The UK and US: two countries separated by a common language," or something like that - SO TRUE.

Foreign Words
lolly - sucker or lollipop
jumper - sweater
dreich - dreary
peckish - hunger

Slightly Different Usage
hamper - gift basket
motorway - highway
carriageway, as in "dual carriageway" - road ("two-lane road")

Increased Usage
dodgy - sketchy
fiver - five pounds (or dollars)
tenner - ten pounds (or dollars)
zed - the letter Z


  1. Hi Emily! I know your mom from state trainings. She is such an awesome woman! My name is Tammy. I am loving your blog. How cool!

    While traveling in Ireland, one term I noticed that was different was "take-away" for food that we in the US say as, "to-go."

  2. Thanks! My mom is, indeed, awesome.

    They say that here in the UK, too - it's definitely one of those things that I have gotten so used to that I've forgotten to include! I'll put it in the next (and probably final!) glossary entry.