20 March 2009

Study A-Way

I'll be studying away next term.

Before I came to Furman, I always called it "study abroad." I guess that that is somewhat inaccurate, because our programs are not limited to those in foreign countries, but I will be in China. I think that that qualifies as "abroad." However, "Study A-Broad"..."Study a Broad"...it just doesn't come off quite so nicely, now, does it?

What does this blog even mean? you ask. What is its purpose? Well, I've considered starting a blog for a while now - I have had one off and on that I did not promote publicly, and when I applied and was turned down for a school blogging position last summer, I was bummed. When I was in New York City last week, I flipped through a book on blogging and considered buying it before I realized that I basically knew what to do already - so, I figured, why not?

I came up with the title because I feel as if it represents so much in my life right now. Yes, I'll be blogging primarily from China, but I see it as more than that, hence the dash: study a WAY of life - study people, study language, study society. I people watch; I've done it for years. I photograph, I observe. I study ways of LIVING - study a-way of everyday existence. Study success, study failure. Study growth. This blog is and will be an evolution.

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