31 December 2009

Reintroduction to the great state of West Virginia

As my time in my hometown begins to draw to a close, I realize how good I have it here. During these sappy holiday times of family, stress, traveling, and food, I have had a lot of time to eat, sleep, and reflect. I have seen friends from high school and college and made new ones, and each person that I see makes me appreciate my doings. I love my small, boring hometown, and I am so thankful for my opportunities to go elsewhere.

Being back in the United States has been a true adjustment for me - no sooner than I had begun to get used to life in China, I feel that I had to come back and start all over! It seems like everyone here is speaking English and using forks - WEIRD. Anyway, my friends and family have welcomed me back and helped me with my declining English skills, even through their fits of laughter. And, yes, I'm thankful for that, too.

I am very eager to get back to school, even though I will be moving in and trying to start class in the midst of sorority recruitment and excited reunions with my fellow students. I think that juggling everything will prove to be a fun challenge for me after weeks of no responsibility higher than making it to my dentist appointment!

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