26 March 2010

I'm Studying Away...Again!

I've been admitted to Furman's Spring in Edinburgh program for 2011, and I have decided to accept!

I will spend early January through late April living in an apartment in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland while attending two classes at Edinburgh Napier University and participating in an internship - hopefully in the press, but more details are forthcoming.

There are about fifteen of us from Furman who will be traveling to the U.K. together - including two other Kappas! We plant to take three or four group trips, and we will have class taught by Furman's Dr. O'Rourke one night per week. Personally, I hope to travel a lot on the weekends - and also to get to know Edinburgh, of course. I'm a fan of day trips, and I'm a fan of cheap airfare, so we will see what I can make of it! I'm also interested in traveling a bit around Europe after the official program ends - any tips?

I will definitely be posting more about this in the future, as the departure date draws closer. We have meetings every few weeks to take care of paperwork and business things; I'm very excited to begin the course selection process and event planning. Until then - SAN FRANCISCO (check out my other new blog post.) :)

By the way, which travel guide would y'all recommend?

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