26 March 2010

I'm going to San Francisco!

And yes, I fully plan to wear a flower in my hair!

I have been accepted to participate in "May by the Bay": The Rhetoric of Social Activism, a May term class led by Furman's Dr. O'Rourke (yes, the same guy with whom I will travel to Scotland next spring. I hope that he's cool!) from May 12 - June 2.

The class will consist of archival and cataloging work at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute at Stanford and at the H. K. Yun Institute at Berkeley as well as interviewing current social activists in small teams and subsequently creating a documentary. We will traveling a good bit between Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, etc., but we will be using some of our free time to see the sights of San Francisco.

Many people are going on this trip because they are Comm majors, they have a connection to the area, etc....I consider it a pilgrimage home. My mom surprised me over spring break with a short Frisco travel guide, and it sounds SO COOL. I'm pumped!

This is Furman's second-ever May Experience. This is also my second time participating in it - I LOVED taking Geography & Sports last year! - but this will be my first time studying away for said term. This is also my first time studying away from Furman and staying in the U.S.

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