21 February 2011

Calton Hill

I took a few hours out of a fairly nice day a few weeks ago to visit Calton Hill, and I've delayed putting up this post because I've been trying to choose which pictures to include - there are so many great ones! Calton Hill is an especially beautiful and historic hill in Edinburgh that lends itself toward getting the city its nickname, "Athens of the North." There are a lot of monuments and great views up there. If it weren't for the near-constant, chilly wind, I would probably be making weekly visits - I would like to try to study up there sometime!

It's really not too far from here - it took me maybe ten or fifteen minutes to walk to the base. There are different paths one can take to climb up the hill, and the surface of the hill itself has different snaking paths and, of course, plenty of grassy space. You can see all of Edinburgh up there, depending on which way you turn. It's so peaceful!

I ended up deciding on no less than 31 pictures to include, so I made a slideshow. I hope it works!

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