15 February 2011

Glossary, Vol. II

I think that I've collected enough foreign (or, well, they might as well be) words and phrases to warrant a second edition! Of course, I've probably forgotten to include some now that I am getting used to saying them...

Foreign Words
quid - slang for pounds, the currency used in the UK
chuffed - pleased
sultana - Alright, well, we technically do have these in the U.S...they're really just grapes, but they're a special kind of grape. The raisin form of the same name (confusing!) is used in SO MANY dishes here!

Slightly Different Usage
diary - agenda/planner
"Alright?" - "How are you?"
"Is that you?" - "Are you leaving?"
caster sugar - superfine sugar
icing sugar - powdered sugar
"Cheers!"* - "Thanks!"

Increased Usage
phone - (v.)

*=personal favorite

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