04 May 2009

Goodbye, FU...kind of

My friends are all leaving. Finals at FU are coming to an end, and all but about 450 of us are heading home. Well, even we are going home for the weekend, but the point is that, as much rejoicing (LDOC, anyone?) and packing (clothes, mostly) I have done and bittersweetness I have felt, come Monday, I'll be in class again.

I am feeling a number of emotions at the moment: excitement and anticipation for my May X class, sadness to see my friends go, anxiousness of having to make new friends in May, disgust with having two more exams, exhaustion at the prospect of a busy few days at home after a busy few weeks here and then hardly any turnaround...mostly, I'm looking forward to working at Bridges this summer. I also am ridiculously tired from my work-out today: I literally came back in after a walk from the PAC to the dorm in the pouring rain and collapsed on our floor. Before I can let any of this digest, though, I need to actually pass said final exams. I'm off to eat dinner and study.

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