14 May 2009

Oh, I believe in Yesterday

I was having a lot of...feelings...yesterday, but am just now getting around to posting them.

Yesterday was a strange kind of day; it left me wanting to do everything and nothing all at once, to be surrounded by people yet alone. I think that it had something to do with the weather.

It was absolutely perfect outside: sunny, about 70 degrees, low humidity...blue skies, white clouds, green grass, blossoming flowers, tall trees - you know the deal. I mean, it’s Furman. I had initially been apprehensive about the day’s weather - not that I had had anything planned, but the day before had been very out-of-character for May in Greenville: chilly, overcast, and windy.

Anyway, it was nice. After class, I ate lunch with Melissa - outside, at my suggestion, and then went to visit the other Melissa. She had to go to class, so I came back to my room. I then took some packages to mail after stopping by the library; after that, I trekked to North Village to retrieve my purchased bike.

The entire bike escapade was just awkward: at first, I couldn’t find it, and then, I was barely tall enough to get on the seat. In addition, I was wearing a skirt and a tote bag. When I finally got going, though, and had a few odd seconds to enjoy the ride, is when that above-mentioned feeling came over me.

I was by myself, but I wasn’t lonely. That in itself wasn’t odd, because I’ve felt that way before. However, I all at once wanted to do so much yet just be. I ended up doing a mix of things: talking to the maintenance guy, taking a receipt to Andrew and sitting in his office for a bit, taking a nap, watching the news, etc.

It wasn’t a strange day, really. Sure, a little less happened than what I would usually have on my plate, but that’s not out of the ordinary for this term, from what I’ve seen thus far. I just can’t forget that feeling.

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