12 May 2009

A little MORE conversation

I feel as if I have been driving back and forth between college and home a lot lately. Unfortunately, it was only on this most recent return trip that I discovered talk radio.

Sure, I had known of its existence before, but my only recollections of talk radio up to Sunday were of annoying morning shows and boring subject matter. However, Sunday, my cell phone was dead, and my music supply from my iPod and CDs was, believe it or not, all but exhausted. Thus, I turned to my XM - never a bad choice, but after switching between the same five or ten stations for a few hours, you tend to hear the same songs. Finally, I began to spin the dial and scan all the way up into the 100s. Aha: talk radio.

From Cosmo to Oprah to medical shows to NPR to news to sports (probably in that order), I think that XM and its shows were my savior this weekend. I was tired, I was in a funny mood, and I had been driving for hours with absolutely no contact with the outside world. However, when I began to listen to a talk radio segment, the minutes suddenly seemed to fly by and turn into hours that brought me closer to my second home.

No longer do I see talk radio as annoying or boring. Sure, I have my preferences, and some shows are definitely better than others, but I actually found myself wishing that I had a car charger or at least some semblance of battery life in my new cell phone so that I could call in and chat. I disagreed, I laughed, I learned, and I actually look somewhat forward to my next long car ride.

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