14 July 2009

Breakin[g] News

So, my computer has been stolen. I believe that it happened Saturday night, somewhere in between my moving out of the dorms and me meeting my brother to come to the beach. A police report has been filed, but I don't expect my laptop, my iPod, or my library book to be recovered. Hence, there will be no pictures for the remainder of my Bridges blog posts wrapping things up.

On the bright side, I do have a few photos backed up that I had planned to give to Dean to make the end of the year slideshow - not all summer's worth, but a few. Many of the rest of my photos are on my external hard drive. I just cleaned off my jump drive, so nearly all of my recent documents are gone; however, Time Machine should be able to help with some document recovery, and more than half of my music is gone as the newer songs were only on my laptop, not my home computer or CDs or anything.

Speaking of stealing, I copied this post title from fellow Free Spirit Laura Nelson. Isn't it clever?

It looks as if I will be using my paycheck to purchase some new electronics...hey, at least I get a student discount. =p

Stay tuned for the Bridges finale entry!

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