20 July 2009


Usually, the family beach trip signifies a break in my summer, the time at which I stop (or at least slow down) on my camp-going and friend-seeing and head home to West Virginia to relax for a few weeks (or start soccer practice) and spend some time with family and hometown friends before school starts. This year, however, is a bit different.

I will not be going to school this fall in West Virginia, nor South Carolina - August 18, I will depart to attend SuDa, a. k. a. Soochow Daxue, a. k. a. Suzhou University for a semester. I will be gone until the 23rd of November; as such, I am now embarking upon what my father likes to call my "Farewell Tour."

Instead of riding back home from the beach with my parents, I caught a ride with my brother back to my college town to visit some college friends. This evening, I am departing to see my freshman year roommate and her family; Wednesday, I will begin to slowly make my way back up north, stopping in various cities and towns along the way to cram into about five days as many visits as I possibly can. Even though I return to the States around Thanksgiving, I won't be down South until spring term begins in January, so this is my last chance to see some good friends for six months or so.

I will try to update as much as I can on my activities and whereabouts for the next week. Until then - please keep looking for my computer! I'd love to enhance these posts with some photos. ;)

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