20 July 2009

K-a-y-a-k is a palindrome...

I started off this summer with a kayaking trip through a marsh, and the ensuing weeks did not seem to hold very much good luck for me. Thursday, in an attempt to change my cosmic karma, I went kayaking through a new marsh.

My brother had been toying with the idea since we had arrived at the beach a few days earlier, but he had yet to decide on a date and time for sure. Thursday morning, I was abruptly awoken and asked if I wanted to go - upon my agreement, I got ready in about thirteen minutes and reported to the sound.

As we set out, I noticed some key differences from the last time that I was in a similar situation: a.) I could not steer with my feet; b.) I had no snacks. Of course, many things struck me as familiar, as well, as I strained to remember how to hold the oar, what kind of stroke to make in the water, and how to sit properly in the vessel.

We ended up not actually making it very far in the marsh, as it was low tide. However, it was fun and a good workout, and we saw some interesting birds and fish. And as far as the change in luck theory: so far, so good. (Knock on wood!)

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