23 January 2011

Glossary, Vol. I

For both my benefit and yours, I've decided to include installments of a glossary in my regular blog entries.

For those of you who are unaware, the Scots, though English-speaking, speak a very different language than our own. They also use certain words much more frequently than we do at home. Many of the "foreign" words that have come from the ancient Scots language or are just offshoots of American English are used in everyday conversation here, so it's quite possible that between the strange words and the thick accents, you could be talking to a Scottish person and not understand a word of what he or she is saying.

Here's what I've either come across and asked about (i.e. at work) or just been told (i.e. in class) thus far - I'll make a new entry when I gather a new list.

Foreign Words
aye - yes
bairn (wain) - child
blether - chat
burn - steam, small river
crabbit - bad-tempered
cooker - oven
dunt - bump
eejit - foolish person
fit - attractive
greet - cry
haver - talk nonsense
hob - stovetop
ken - know
lassie - girl
loch - lake
rammy - noisy fight

Increased Usage
advert - advertisement
alright - okay
as well as - also
bit - small amount
brilliant - great
dodgy - sketchy
keen - fond
lovely - good
naughty - indecent
prefer - like better
quite - very
raunchy - obscene
Steelers - AFC Champions
wee - small

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