14 January 2011

An Interview?

Well, I had my make-up "interview" this morning. I actually arrived a few minutes late after getting lost more than once (it looked really different in the morning than it had at dusk!), but no one seemed to notice. I'll be sure to be prompt from now on, just in case!

Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure that my total time in the building was about ten minutes. Also, I do not recall being asked a single question until the inevitable, "Do you have any questions?" So...it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

This is not all bad, however. Instead of a nerve-wracking Q&A session, Sue and Caroline (my bosses) took turns going over my workload and expectations that they would have of me. They seemed very eager to have some extra help and said that maintaining the website would be one of my main duties but that I would also get to do some writing and work with photography. All of this would be further explained to me, they said, in training next week.

Basically, the place I work, The Media Company, has three magazines: Foodies Edinburgh, Foodies London, and Living Abroad. I'm going to get to do a bit of work on both. My first impression of the workplace is that it seems to be a pretty fun and casual yet efficient atmosphere. I'm excited to get my schedule worked out and get started!

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