04 January 2011


It's about that time.

In fact, it's incredibly close to that time.

In approximately 16 hours, I will be en route (albeit a very long and convoluted route) to my fourth Furman Study Away opportunity. It will be my fifth time leaving the country. (It will be my umpteenth time leaving West Virginia.) My approximate route is home --> CLT --> Newark --> Edinburgh. I should be arriving in the UK Thursday morning.

I've never been to Europe before! This is scary! This is exciting! I can't wait! I'm not ready!

Which brings me to my point: packing - quite often the bane of my existence. I feel that, often, I hardly get settled somewhere before it is time to leave again - taking, of course, minimal possessions, so as to ease environmental and my body's degradation. How I've gotten myself in my current situation is beyond me: I began packing Saturday and began brainstorming weeks ago; yet, here I am, less than a day before leaving, and most of my stuff is just sitting on my floor and my bed (NOT in my suitcase). Ohh, woe is me!

...just kidding. I'm going to go cram things in and weigh my bags! Talk to ya from across the pond!!

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