24 January 2011

St. Andrews

Eight of us went to St. Andrews, a small town just north of Edinburgh, for a day trip Saturday. It was a really nice place to visit, but there was even less to do there than we thought, and we ended up catching an early-evening rather than late-even train home.

While we were there, though, we really enjoyed ourselves. We spent a long time near the harbour and cathedral ruins, and we walked the three main streets of the city. It was incredible to walk into the cathedral ruins, for example, and think that, hundreds of years ago, people worshipped and processed and prayed in the spot where we were standing. (You can read a lot about St. Andrews online - it's a very historic city.) We were going to go to the castle ruins, too, but that cost money, so we decided against it. What we DID spend money on was food: lunch, handmade chocolates, tea and pastries at a café...typical. haha We then went to lunch, and after lunch, we headed to the Old Course (the world's first golf course) and walked around there for a bit before catching a bit of a rugby match by chance - so cool!

I got a LOT of pictures, especially when I walked out onto the stone pier in the harbour. I'm toying with the idea of uploading ALL of my pictures (seriously...hundreds) to a site like Flickr, but I haven't set that up yet, so for now, I'll post a few of my favorites here.

Me with my Kappa sister and flatmate, Annie

It's all in the family!
18th hole

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