11 January 2011

My Morning

It's been on for all of thirty minutes. Let me just tell you my series of recent events:

Per usual, I woke up; went back to sleep because my sleeping mind convinced my awake, sane mind that I could stay in bed longer; then jumped out of bed with no time to spare. As I freaked out about making it to my scheduled internship interview in time whilst struggling to not wake up the rest of the flat, I discovered that the dress that I had planned to wear to said interview is missing - whether this is stuffed in a weird corner of my supposedly-empty suitcases, sitting on my bed at home, or just unpacked into a different drawer, I cannot confirm. Anyway, after I got ready very quickly, I rushed out the door - oh, wait: no, I didn't rush out the door, because I COULDN'T GET OUT THE DOOR. It has been told to me that my flatmates experienced some problems with this on the second day, but I slept through them. I spent a good 5-10 minutes locking and unlocking various of our no less than FOUR locks before resorting to waking someone up :( and asking. When I finally got out the door, I had barely enough time to make it to my interview at the appointed time, let alone any earlier, so I called my contact person, Sue (whom I've never met).

It turns out that Sue wasn't in, after all. All's well that end's well, I suppose, so my interview is rescheduled for Friday morning. I promptly turned 180 degrees and headed back to my flat, where everyone was still sleeping. I changed out of my work clothes and came down to read and update my blog - I don't know any other morning-worthy activities, since I don't spend my waking hours during this time.

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