22 June 2009

Bridges featured on PBS

Mrs. Tobi Swartz, the director of Bridges to a Brighter Future, a.k.a. my boss, was conspicuously absent from Tuesday's activities. Why? you might ask: well, let me assure you: she had a wonderful excuse. She flew out Tuesday after morning assembly to go to Washington, D. C. to be featured on a PBS program entitled "Education News Parents Can Use." But not only was she on national TV, she was promoting Bridges!

Bridges was one of three academic enrichment programs featured on the evening's hour-long broadcast, "Summer Learning Programs: Preventing the Slide, Promoting Achievement." To see the full video, check out this link. Mrs. Swartz's interview runs from about 24:27-36:24. To see the FUnet article, click the post title.

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