26 June 2009

Progress report

This weekend will mark the halfway point of the Bridges to a Brighter Future 2009 summer program. Oh, how time has flown!

To commemorate this bittersweet moment, I will blog about a couple of the most brilliant things that I have heard students comment about over these past couple of weeks (in my words):

1. Everything happens for a reason. Therefore, if you give up on something or duck out early, you will never know that reason. That not knowing can be the hardest part, so try your best, go hard, and finish what you started. It will all make sense and be worth something in the end.

2. We all come from different backgrounds - economically, socially, geographically, culturally, etc. Our upbringing forms the basis for our opinions. Thus, peoples' differences are not their own faults or even necessarily a bad thing - conflicting opinions are simply the result of growing up. We cannot judge people based on things that they cannot control. Rather, we need to listen and try to understand so that we can stand united; acceptance rules over dismissal or scorn.

And, on that note, sometimes, life is just hard, and we absolutely cannot change that. What we can change is our attitude and how we deal with events that are handed to us or obstacles that come our way.

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