26 June 2009

"If you could take just one foot and put it in my Converse..."

Tonight's conclusion of the Nu class's NCBI workshop was one of the most moving evenings I have ever experienced. Though I tried my best to stay strong and somewhat detached emotionally so that I could be there for the students, I could not help but be affected by the genuine, painful stories shared by students and counselors alike. I am riding a thin line between being open, real, and available and being the staunch, professional counselor. I am slowly (but surely!) learning to balance this as well as the tough love approach.

I also am finally beginning to feel valid and useful and worthy of being a counselor, in particular because of two recent thank-yous from some students and also because of some affirmations and a mid-program conference. That's not to say that there is no room for improvement; rather, I am more motivated now to be the best that I can. I look so forward to the remainder of this program and will only complain about its tendency to fly by.

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