26 June 2009

A Day in the Life

A typical day in the life of a Bridges counselor (MTThF) - well, at least, for me:

7:10 Rise*
7:15 Knock on doors to wake students; take shower and get ready
7:50 Line up on hall and go down to meet other halls to go to breakfast
8:50 Morning Assembly
9:30 Return to dorm - SLEEP**
11:00 (sometimes as early as 10:00) Counselor meeting
12:30 Lunch*
1:30 Check mail and e-mail, nap, work out, see friends, clean, run errands, do counselor-ly things such as organize hall meetings or the hall kitchen or meet with other counselors or something of that nature**
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Workshop (T) OR Hall time (MTh) OR special activity (F)
7:00 Evening Activities (MWTh) - physical activities such as soccer, tennis, swimming, step, fitness center, etc.
9:30 Return to halls - laundry, hall meetings, entertain students
11:00 Students must be in rooms
11:30 Lights out
LATER - after everyone's asleep and miscellaneous tasks are completed - go to bed!

*Each counselor attends dinner plus one other dining hall meal per day; a counselor may switch meals with another counselor, usually done either on a daily or weekly basis, so that Counselor X is not stuck with the same meal duty (either breakfast or lunch) everyday.
**The free time that we do get as counselors is the time during which students are in class.

What do we do on Wednesdays and weekends? you ask. That is a great question:

Wednesdays are field trip days at Bridges. The older two classes do one or more college visits, while the youngest class participates in an educational trip around Greenville; for instance, last week, I went with the Nus on their downtown scavenger hunt, Upcountry History Museum visit, and Flour Field tour; yesterday, I visited USC and Columbia College with the Olders. Wednesday evenings consist of dinner and Evening Activities.

Weekends are special. This coming weekend is the counselors' weekend off and the weekend during which students go home. Last weekend was jam-packed with a bowling trip, a pool party, visitation hours, a kickball tournament, and a ropes course for the Nus and community service for the Olders.

Do you have questions about my schedule - or about anything else at Bridges? Feel free to leave them in a comment or to shoot me an e-mail.

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