28 June 2009

Funny/not funny

To summarize the counselor's weekend off, and because I missed OMC this past week, I've put together a funny/not funny, rated PG:

Funny: having a hard time ordering food that was vegetarian
Not funny: having a hard time ordering food that wouldn't make us sick

Funny: making a question ball
Not funny: not being able to think of a favorite book

Funny: unearthing my DVD collection
Not funny: having to repack my storage boxes

Funny: watching my All-State Chorus concert on DVD
Not funny: Casey falling asleep during said watching

Funny: playing laser tag, girls vs. boys
Not funny: losing in laser tag, 40,000 to 100,000

Funny: washing and drying all of my clothes together
Not funny: staining my girls' load of whites blue
Disclaimer: we fixed it.

Funny: getting Thaicoon for dinner at 4:00 p.m.
Not funny: forgetting to eat all day until then

Funny: going to Frankie's Fun Park
Not funny: getting carded on the way into Frankie's Fun Park

Funny: going on the bumper boats
Not funny: getting soaked on the bumper boats

Funny: "Transformers 2" being sold out
Not funny: inadvertently exposing a student to hundreds of uses of curse words

Funny: sleeping until it was time to leave for the movie
Not funny: Phil sleeping during the climax of the movie

Funny: telling them it's Casey's birthday at Johnny Rocket's
Not funny: freezing in Johnny Rockets due to the combination of air conditioning and dripping wet clothes

Funny: watching Milk with a diverse group on the Ant Hall
Not funny: struggles for gay rights that have never been reported in history books

Funny: sleeping until 3:15 on the day when students return
Not funny: being called out on it at counselor meeting at 3:30

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